Can you still buy high retention views in 2022?

This online platform provides hundreds of producers with paid YouTube channels that have developed organically and with original content, while also providing a safe and innovative monetization technique.

Making money on YouTube has never been easier, and getting started with your own monetization endeavor only takes a few minutes on lenostube.

Users may choose between two alternatives on this web platform: pick a monetization-ready channel or purchase a fully customized monetized channel. It allows consumers to choose the niche they want to target and the type of specialized content they wish to explore.

Is there anything Lenos can do about it?

Obviously, it does. Take, for example, Lenos’ YouTube watch hours, a bundle of views designed to increase your watch hours and make your account monetization-eligible, as 4000+ watch hours is one of the prerequisites.

Lenos’ views originate from natural sources, from actual people, and they never jeopardise your account by employing phoney followers or interactions.

Simply write in the current amount of watch hours, and the difference between that and the 4000 threshold will be calculated, along with a little more just in case.

YouTube views with the highest retention

These are some of the best YouTube views currently available.

  • Watching time is long (up to 20 minutes)
  • Guaranteed for life (refilled in the event of a spill). But, thus far, there has been no or a very little decline.)
  • The average time spent watching a video is determined by its duration. It ranges from 2 to 20 minutes. You might expect 6+ minutes on a 15-minute video.
  • These perspectives work well on videos that are between 7 and 30 minutes long.

Conclusion of the review

What’s the final word on Lenos? For future YouTube growth, this is a must-have!

Lenos is ready to improve your YouTube visibility and get you monetized in only a week or two at most since it passes all of our tests with flying colors.

In light of the recent tightening grip of smarter algorithms and harsher marketing regulations for newcomers, Lenos’ offer is quite appealing.

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