How not to choose cold email subject lines: dangerous spam trigger words

Most of the time we do not think about the subject line when sending an email to the recipient. Naively believing that our vision is the best, the sender tries to get straight to the point in the letter, to get a clear benefit, starting with the subject line of the letter. And in most cases, this is the wrong tactic, which basically only leads to the rejection of further reading of the content, and thus the loss of the chance to connect with a potential buyer. The experts at told us in detail about how to cold email subject lines. We will draw your attention not only to the correctness of the subject lines but also to the way not to form the topics of publications and what not to do in any case.

Banning spam trigger words: examples

The best and easiest way to avoid getting your message immediately into the “trash garbage can” of emails is to remove or minimize the use of trigger words, markers of commercial interaction. The most “poisonous” for spam filters are messages marked with these words in the subject line:

  • for free;
  • easy money;
  • guaranteed profit of 100% (or more) percent;
  • limited time offer
  • you have one last opportunity;
  • the best and cheapest;
  • savings of 1000 euros (or more).

It is easy to get caught in the spam filter using other terms and phrases that sound more like a billboard:

  • buy now!
  • only now and only from us”.
  • just buy;
  • instant access;
  • free consultation
  • great offer
  • no commissions;
  • no conditions;
  • guaranteed;
  • special offer.

However, there are exceptions to the rules, because not all spam filters work in the same way. And the use of a variety of mailing lists can create an additional corridor of opportunity.

If you don’t spam with the same words.

If you don’t spam potential customers with the same trigger phrases, spam filters may be more loyal to the mailing. But this rule is only valid if the e-mail is well warmed up and there are no complaints about spamming. By the way the warming service is better to order the experts and specialists or directly from the services that provide professional services in this direction.

In general, using trigger words like “free” or “limited-time offer” in the subject line, for example, won’t hurt your email. Especially if the email at a particular mailing address has a good deliverability rating.

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